Cabin in the Woods

Have you ever wondered what people do with their ReStore purchases?  Here is what is possible with a limited budget, some creativity, and finds from the ReStore.

A Cabin in the Woods

A friend of mine wanted to build a cabin for his family to enjoy…. This is what he got.

Needless to say, it needed a lot of work.

So he stopped at the ReStore on South Park Ave and after a few bee.. coffees, we devised a plan.  The first thing that needed to be done was tarp the roof to keep the weather out and to gut the camper to the frame to see what, if anything, could be saved.

Finding a tarp big enough to cover the roof would be expensive and wasteful once a new roof was put on, so I suggested this great product (which the ReStore on South Park Ave still has in stock for $150 a roll).  Dow Weathermate Plus Housewrap.

Now that we had a temporary cover over the horrible roof, we could demo in somewhat dry somewhat warm conditions.

Once all the debris was pulled out, the first thing to go was the floor.

Then it became clear that the walls would not work for the new design, so they went as well.

Now that we had somewhat of a clean slate to work with, we needed to plan the layout of the windows for the front of the cabin.  We put our heads together and drew up some plans then had them stamped by our architect.


imagejpeg_0 (7)edit

With a shopping list in hand, it was off to the ReStore!  We needed windows and a new front door for the cabin.

Time for framing and installation.

The back wall of the cabin is much higher than before, allowing for a sloped roof, more head room inside, and bunk beds at the end of the cabin.

Sheathing the cabin and putting the roof on was next.  Unfortunately, none of the roofing material was purchased at the ReStore because we rarely get this product donated to us. However, if you are reading this and in the roofing business, the ReStore would love your donations 🙂 Call us at 716-852-6607, ask for Chris.

The cabin was now weather tight, so we turned our focus to the inside.  At the beginning of the build I told my friend that it seemed like every month or so both ReStores would get boxes of one off miscellaneous hard wood flooring.  I suggested that he buys a box at a time and once he got enough, we could just mix match it together. So, that is what we did.

imagejpeg_0 (19)

Mixed matched hardwood flooring.  ReStore sells each box for $15. The cabinet also came for the ReStore, $50.

We are at the home stretch.  Time to turn our attention back to the outside and finish the siding.  My friend decided to go with a wooden shingle (bought at a box store) and sheets of stainless steel that were donated ($20 a sheet).

There you have it.  This is one example of what people do with their ReStore purchases.  With time, patience, and a lot of trips to the ReStore and local lumber yards you can have a beautiful Cabin in the Woods.

More interior pictures coming soon…

If you have just completed a project using ReStore materials and want to share your work, please contact me at




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